Unleash Your Passion for Diving: Explore Black Pearl Diving Center

Black Perl Dive Center has been created by our love for the underwater world.


About us

Our goal is to bring people as close as possible to underwater life and biodiversity, as also to highlight the need for protection in order to remain pure and beautiful so that this most valuable heritage of mankind will be passed down to future generations.

Black Pearl Dive Center on Lipsi island will make sure that any certified diver will have the opportunity to visit the pure and lush underwater world of the area. In adittion, any person will have the opportunity to dive with safety in order to briefly experience the magic of underwater life, or to become a PADI certified diver according to all PADI safety standards and rules, allowing for the possibility to safely go underwater anywhere in the world and keep discovering its beauty, its importance for humanity as well as realizing the urgent need for its protection.


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For any information or clarification you might need about our services and activities, drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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